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DogsóLike HumansóCan Develop Arthritis. Canine Arthritis Can Cause Joint Pain In Your Dog And May Reduce Your Dog's Levels Of Activity. Fortunately, Arthritis In Dogs Can Be Treated. That's Where We Come In. Welcome To Pet Arthritis Info. This Site Is A Free Information Resource That Will Answer All Your Questions About Pet Arthritis. As You Explore This Site, You'll Discover...

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  Caring for an Elderly Pet

Author: Joi Sigers

Right up front, congratulations of needing to read this article!

You have one of the sweetest possessions one can have, a long-term "family member" who you've obviously protected and taken care of.

When our pets get older, the signs of age inevitably set in. They slow down and sleep more often, their eyes aren't quite as full of mischief, they no longer jump and leap as they once did, and often their eating habits change.

When an animal reaches this stage, they need more attention and affection than ever before. Often times, they'll even search that affection out more frequently. It's as though they need the reassurance. By all means, give them as much love and petting as they can stand!

If your pet has trouble jumping into favorite spots, help him or her out by putting a cushion, pillow, or even a step nearby. It'll help them maintain some independence and help prevent a possible fall as well.

If your pet doesn't seem to have much of an appetite, try a different food. Some foods have a stronger scent than others and this is what draws the animal in the first place. Sometimes a little garlic powder sprinkled on top does wonders as well.

If your pet is inside, provide him or her with several windows to look out. This will serve as a great deal of amusement for them and keep them from becoming bored.

Keep in mind, when handling your elderly pet that he/she may have arthritis, so be very, very gentle. Especially if they have lost much weight - their bones could easily break.

Most importantly, get an appointment for your beautiful pet with his or her veterinarian. The doctor can, not only make sure your pet doesn't have any diseases, but can also give you more professional advice on caring for an older pet. He or she might even have vitamins or special food they'll recommend.

They can also let you know if your pet does indeed have arthritis and can tell you how you can make them more comfortable. (One way is to warm up a blanket or towel in the dryer for them to sleep on. My cat loves for her blanket to be warmed up. Just don't get it too hot. Test the temp as you would for a baby.)

Basically, just give your elderly more TLC than ever before. Your friend has loved you and been there for you through thick and thin, and now it's your privilege to make their golden years a wonderful time for them.

About the author:

Joi is owned by 6 cats and blogs about her adventures! Visit Cat-Pause today and meet 6 of her prides and joys.

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